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Nike Romaleos 2 Review

Nike Romaleos 2

The Nike Romaleos 2 was released in January 2012 right before the Olympic games in London. It is the upgraded version of the original Romaleos, which many users criticized as being very pricey, chunky and heavy.

Compared to the original Romaleos, the Romaleos 2 is lighter and less bulky, yet stable and robust. The shoes have two straps, one near the top of the shoe, and the other located right by the midfoot. The shoes also have flexibility in the forefoot, which provides stability especially when you’re in the receiving position of the jerk.

The Romaleos 2 uses a contoured TPU wedge, which is a hard–wearing plastic at the base of the shoe. This heel wedge supports the foot and can bear as much weight as the user can lift.

The TPU wedge provides an alternative to the wooden heel wedge that’s been used in competitions for decades. The wooden heel wedge is heavy, so the TPU wedge gives the shoes a lighter weight.

Since the Romaleos 2 is lightweight, it allows you to move quickly and dive under the bar when you’re jerking. The TPU wedge also cups the heel in place, which provides you with a greater deal of stability.

The heel is 0.75 inches (or 1.9 centimeters), but you can add a few extra millimeters by using the “competition” insoles provided by Nike. Each pair of the Romaleos 2 comes with two sets of insoles – one for training, and another one used for competition.

Nike Romaleos 2 Review

When lifting with the Romaleos 2, many users mentioned that the shoes provided increased stability compared to the shoes they used before buying the Romaleos 2. The shoes helped improve foot placement and prevented their knees from collapsing inwards.

The Romaleos 2 runs true to Nike’s shoe sizing. Before you decide to order them online, stop by a store that sells Nike shoes and try out a few pairs of shoes to find the right size for you.

One drawback of the Romaleos 2 is obviously the price since it’s considered a high-end lifting shoe. It’s one of the most expensive Olympic weightlifting shoes at around $200. If you’re on a tighter budget, or if you’re not ready to make the investment, there are other shoes you can buy at a lower price.

Users have also complained about the metatarsal straps. While they keep you secure, the upper strap runs a bit long. If you fully tighten the strap, it comes very close to the floor, and you might step on the strap during your lifts. Some users have cut off the excess material from the strap so that it doesn’t touch the ground.

User Feedback: Nike Romaleos 2 Review


  • Quality, fit and performance of the shoes is top notch.
  • Helps you stay completely stable, particularly when doing the squats.
  • Your foot will feel locked to the ground or nailed to the floor, providing you with great balance.
  • With a raised heel, many users have achieved better depth and a more vertical torso when doing the squats.
  • Suited for people with wide feet.


  • The straps are a bit long, and they can hang off loose when you strap it tight.
  • It’s on the higher end of the price range, but many users have said the shoes are worth the price.
  • It may take a few sessions to break them in.
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