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Inov-8 Bare XF 210 Review

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With a zero drop, you’ll feel very grounded wearing the Inov-8 Bare XF 210 while you’re lifting or sprinting. You’ll feel like you’re walking barefoot with only 2mm separating your feet from the floor. The shoes are also built with a patented rope guard on both sides of the shoes, which make them durable enough to withstand the heat and friction of rope climbs.

In examining comments made in CrossFit forums, users of the Bare XF 210 have said that the shoes are comfortable for short runs, but don’t recommend using it for running longer than 400m. Users said that the shoes work well for people who run on the fore and mid-foot, but advise against striking the heel first since it has a short drop.

With only 2mm between your foot and the floor, you’ll feel better connected to the ground. You’ll feel more like you’re in control, and you can power through the heels to do the tough lifts.

The Bare XF 210 has a mesh weave that is both thick and light, which makes it breathable. It allows for air to circulate so that your feet can stay cool during those tough workouts. Even if your feet sweat a lot, your shoes dry up very quickly.

User Feedback: Inov-8 Bare XF 210 Review


  • You’ll feel like you’re planted firmly in the ground.
  • Comfortable to wear for running short distances.
  • Stylish and great for use outside of your CrossFit box.
  • The zero drop between your toe and heels keep you balanced. This gives you better control of your lifts, especially the deadlifts that require your feet to stay flat on the ground.
  • They are very lightweight, so you’ll never feel like your shoes are slowing your down. Lightweight shoes help you with moves that require jumping, such as the double unders and box jumps.
  • Its outsoles are made with sticky rubber, so they help keep your form for running short distances and weightlifting.
  • It helps provide support for people with lower back, knee and ankle issues.
  • One of the best CrossFti shoes you can find for under $100.


  • Not great for people with wide feet since the shoes have a very narrow fit
  • With a very thin sole, these shoes are not great if you plan on running long distances outside of your WOD or weightlifting.
  • They require a “break-in” so it might take a while before it starts to feel comfortable.
  • Not recommended for people with flat feet, since it has a 0mm drop and it’s difficult to insert insoles that provide you with better arch support.

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