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Top 6 Benefits of CrossFit

When I first came across CrossFit, I was intimated just by looking at pictures of tall, super muscular, and powerful looking athletes who were doing CrossFit.  Standing at only 5’5” with a small physique, there was absolutely no way I could do the same workout as these big boys.

Watch this video below from, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I sucked this all up, and I decided to take the plunge. I wanted to see what I’m really made of. I learned that these 6 benefits of CrossFit outweighed any fears and insecurities I had about this fitness program.

1) Sense of community

It is difficult to work out on your own. When going to the gym or working out solo, it’s easy to slack and skip a day or two. This is a major reason many beginners, novices and experts alike have trouble sticking with their routines. You won’t improve your fitness if you skip too many workouts or tone down the intensity when you don’t feel like putting in the hard work.

However, with CrossFit, you will enjoy the group workouts. When you have a group of people around you sharing the same goals, you’ll feel more motivated to stay fit and work hard every time. Since the workouts are designed for groups, it’s a great way to have fun with the people in your class – you’ll be screaming, shouting, cursing, and sweating like crazy while you’re all trying to complete the tough workouts.

Although you’ll be taking a class with other people, you’ll still get personalized attention and coaching from trained professionals who can help you with developing proper form and technique with your workouts. While pushing yourself beyond your limits is great, safety is still the top priority during your workouts. Good coaches know how to push you at just the right amount that you feel challenged.

Benefits of CrossFit - community

2) You’ll notice results if you put in enough time and effort

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine if you’re going to the gym solo. Let’s face it, people usually go to the gym, get on the treadmill and run for 45 minutes. Other people mill around the weight room and fail to put in maximum effort into their workout.

I’m guilty of this myself. In the past, when I worked out alone at the gym, I would put in just enough effort to get by, but not work out at the intensity that would challenge me both mentally and physically. I often get frustrated when I don’t see any results. But I know I can’t complain since I didn’t give most of my workouts 100% effort.

When you’re doing CrossFit and follow the instructions from your coaches, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a full workout. You’ll most likely fall to the ground and lie in your pool of sweat (hope this doesn’t scare you off), but you’ll feel so great afterwards.

Over time, this will lead to fat loss, muscle gain and plenty of other health benefits. I’ve seen these results personally. When I first started CrossFit, I had a hard time doing a 125-pound deadlift. Eight months later after consistent practice and receiving proper coaching, I could now deadlift over 200 pounds. I felt great and more confident after I was able to see my progress.

3) All levels can join and take part

It’s easy to get intimidated when looking at athletes and fitness buffs. You may also feel self-conscious when you start comparing yourself to them. When that happens, you’ll be tempted to just skip the gym since you don’t feel good enough as these athletes.

CrossFit is different – people of all ages, sizes and abilities can join a class. Since all CrossFitters have different goals, a person can participate in class without worry. Your coaches and community are there to support you in reaching your overall health and fitness goals.

Benefits of CrossFit - Participation

4) Improve in other sports

People like CrossFit for a variety of reasons. Some like to lose weight and look better on the beach. Some want to improve their health, while others love to use CrossFit to improve in sports. Whether you play tennis, baseball, basketball or any other sport, you will do well if you participate in CrossFit.

Since you are doing a variety of exercises that combine running, Olympic weightlifting, and other cardio workouts, sports athletes can use CrossFit as way to get into shape right before their sports season.

5) Does not take much time

When you don’t have a personal trainer to teach you the proper workout techniques within a programmed structure, it’s easy to waste plenty of time at the gym. Fortunately, CrossFit was designed with speed in mind.

Instead of spending two hours at the gym, you can get in and out in less than an hour. Since the workouts target every area of your body, you can leave your class feeling accomplished and invigorated. Otherwise, if you go to the gym like most people, you will waste plenty of time and come home feeling exhausted.

6) Avoid injuries

While no workout is full proof, you can avoid most weightlifting-related injuries in CrossFit. With typical workouts, most people will lift weights unsupervised. Many beginners and seasoned lifters alike can suffer a serious and painful injury when no one is checking whether you’re lifting with proper form.

With CrossFit, you can avoid many injuries since you’ll work with a certified CrossFit instructor who can show you how to work out with proper form and technique. When you follow instructions from your one-on-one coaching, you’ll reduce the risk of getting injured from weightlifting.

Benefits of CrossFit - Group Workout

Benefits of CrossFit Recap

If you want to get in great shape, you should consider CrossFit. It is an excellent workout for people who want to work in a group setting. When working with others, you will achieve your goals faster since you have a supportive community who will hold you accountable.

You’ll enjoy quick results if you attend your classes regularly. While the first few weeks are tough, you will enjoy CrossFit if you stick around for the long-term since it’s a great fitness program for people of all abilities and ages.

If you decide to do CrossFit, always remember to warmup before every workout. Having the proper shoes can also improve your workout, so make sure to check out our recent reviews of CrossFit footwear.

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